Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wooster Square

Today we are getting our first CSA share.  When we lived in Buffalo I tried several times to get on a CSA share waiting list but they were always sold out.  As soon as we moved to New Haven we found a CSA with a few shares available.  The farm is out of Madison, CT.  It looks like the quintessential New England farm.  Maybe we'll visit the farm with our baby girl, E. this Summer.

We go to the City Seed Farmer's Market New Haven's Wooster Square in to pick up our farm share. Wooster Square is famously home to Pepe's Pizza, where there are lines out the door even in the morning.  I'm not kidding.  The park in Wooster Square is very pretty.  When we first moved here the cherry trees were blooming and I went over there one day to take photos.  I think I waited a little too long.  We'd had some windy days and many of the blossoms have fallen off the trees.  It still was quite pretty.  Here are a few of shots from that day.

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