Saturday, May 26, 2012

CSA share

We got quite a haul in our first ever CSA share.  It's only a half share and since it's the first one of the season I didn't expect it to be so large!  We got 2 heads of romaine lettuce, 1 bib lettuce, 1 red leaf, small bunch of carrots, bunch of colorful radishes, onion scapes, bunch of spinach and potted basil plants (purple and Genoese).  It all looks so good!  The market was bustling this morning even though it was sprinkling rain.  The sun broke through while we visited the vendor stalls and it's turning out to be a gorgeous day.

                                                          Our farm share.  Isn't it pretty?
Scapes and radishes.

                                                                      Multigrain bread
                                                                  Shiitake mushrooms

It's going to be a delicious week!


  1. Ha! That's what a scape looks like! You will make some delicious things, I'm sure. Please post pics of the dishes so I can drool over them!

    1. My first ever blog comment, thanks, Donna!