Friday, May 25, 2012

Pretty. Healthy.

Tonight's dinner. I think that it's one of the prettier meals I've made.  Quite healthy, too.  Matchstick carrots, pea shoots, red peppers, mushrooms, mirin, tamari, sesame oil and homemade tofu.  Yes, I made tofu!  I followed the recipe on Instructables, here:

It was pretty easy and I didn't need any special equipment.  I used organic soybeans, of course.  First you have to make soy milk from the beans to make the tofu.  I saved a pint of that just to see how it would come out.  It's really good and better than store bought tofu.  The soy milk is also excellent.  Fresh makes a difference.  Below are some photos of my tofu and soy milk.  We don't eat a lot of soy but since we currently don't eat chicken, pork or beef we sometimes use it as our protein.  I happen to like it and I certainly feel better about making it myself since I can control what goes into it.
This is the tofu that I scooped out of the cooking pot as soon as it was ready, before I pressed it.  It was soft and almost decadently creamy.  I added a splash of mirin and tamari and called it lunch!    

Finished soy milk and pressed tofu.  I made nearly a pound of tofu and about a pint of soymilk.

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